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Isn't great we are not the same? We all look different and have special names! 

Born in the Flutter Forest, Leslie hatched from her cocoon in 2009.  She loves spending time spreading joy and the message of self-acceptance to whom all she fancies.  She is made the top sellers list in Borders here in Arizona, Influential People Magazine, Moon Valley Tattler and Phoenix Voyage have covered her story because she continues to take "Words on the Wings of Imagination" with her uplifting story times and sometimes even adds a little prophetic glitter if you are lucky.  Invite Leslie to take part in your special Birthday Party, Corporate Event, School Function, Fundraiser, Holiday Party, or even have her be the officiant of your wedding vows; that's right, she is an ordained minister! Have a magical memory that lasts a life time.

Kindly Note That, Her Calendar Books Up Quickly in Advance, Email her at 

Meet Children's Book Author & Butterfly Fairy Leslie Campa


Leslie Campa, Children's Book Author

& Butterfly Fairy  

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     A quote from her books "I'm a Manatee Happy to be ME!"  &
"I'm a Honey Bee Happy to be ME!" which are read today by  thousands 
of happy souls. Her message is clear.............You are a Perfect Creation!  

     Leslie Campa, Award Winning Children's Book Author & Butterfly Fairy
is currently working on her third and fourth books, you will find more about
that on the "About Tab" above.