“Isn't great that we are not the same? we all look different and have special names!”​-a quote from her book

150 years ago, Leslie the Butterfly Fairy emerged from her cocoon near a large tree of dreams in the Flutter Forest.  As soon as she felt “Words on the Wings of Imagination”, she knew she just had to the spread news that you are a perfect creation and the message of self-acceptance to whom all she fancies, which is all creation of course. 

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Invite Leslie the Butterfly Fairy & Author to take part in your special Birthday Party, Corporate Event, School Function, Fundraiser, Holiday Party, or even have her be the officiant of your wedding vows; that's right, she is an ordained minister! Have a magical memory that lasts a lifetime.  Kindly Note that Her Calendar Books Up Quickly in Advance. You can email her at:

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Leslie Campa

Award Winning Children's
Book Author & Butterfly Fairy

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Follow Leslie the Butterfly Fairy for Updates
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Follow Leslie the Butterfly Fairy for Updates
​& to be Inspired!

*Butterfly Wonderland: 1/14/2023
*Butterfly Wonderland: 2/18/2023
*Butterfly Wonderland: 3/18/2023
*Butterfly Wonderland: 5/27/2023
*Butterfly Wonderland: 5/28/2023

You are as special as Can Be!

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  • Phoenix Magazine’s Readers Choice for Best Author
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