Leslie Campa

Award Winning Children's
Book Author & Butterfly Fairy

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This beautiful creature of the sea continues to touch millions of lives. "I'm a Manatee Happy to be ME!" It is found in three Florida Sea World parks and gift shops throughout. It is fact based with a lesson of self-acceptance. It includes beautiful illustrations of multiple sea creatures. You can order your autographed copy today! (A portion of the proceeds goes to the Save a Manatee Club)

This sweet book is generously filled with interesting creatures of the forest.  It's a great addition to have in your collection about this misunderstood creation, the honey bee. This little story takes the sting out of being so different and reminds children how sweet it is to be an individual. Order your autographed copy today!

Fairyness by Leslie
Everyone deserves a crown, we are all royalty!  Have Leslie the Butterfly Fairy create your    one-of-a-kind adjustable crown in your favorite colors from right where she lives in the Flutter Forest.