Photo by Ralph Campa

Leslie Campa

Award Winning Children's
Book Author & Butterfly Fairy

There is no news like the good news! You are a perfect creation and no matter what your journey brings, you still have your wings.  This has been the constant message that Leslie has been spreading since she emerged from the Flutter Forest. 

Butterfly wings are a symbol of hope, new life, new beginnings and best of all; proof that a metamorphosis has happened.  One thing that is so great about being a human creation is that you get to transform again and again.  With each new path, each new journey, you grow even bigger and stronger wings from within. You can do all things within your destiny; because it is inevitably already yours to have, just stay on the right path and listen to your soul, where the rainbow maker speaks to you. 

Leslie's moment of truth was when she was given her destiny, it became so clear what to do next. It is the most fulfilling moment you can ever imagine. When she followed her destiny, everything fell into place.  From getting her first book, "I'm a Manatee Happy to be ME!" in the gift shops of Sea World parks and two other major bookstores without an agent.  It was simply predetermined in her destiny. There are many more stories, and locked doors opened that she can share with you.

Be sure to ask her about her testimony of the day she met the Rainbow Maker, when you see her. 

​Her special children books written from her very soul instill the message that you are "As Special as Can BE!"  It is ever so important that all creations remember that no matter how small or tall you are.........YOU ARE AS SPECIAL AS CAN BE!!!! 

The predetermined, inevitable, course of events.
The power or agency that determines the course of events.

Leslie Campa, Award Winning Children's Book Author & ButterflyFairy
Touched by the Fire in the Flutter Forest....... She Was Given Her Destiny........